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Next LSA Meetings

After a long hiatus having kids and enjoying the skatepark, the LSA will be holding monthly meetings again starting in June 2007. Plans and fundraising for the bowl are the next order of business as well as addressing ongoing skatepark maintence and policies. Contact us for more information.


Know Skateboarding Day: Game Of SKATE!

Tech for the Bowl! PSG is holding another Know Skateboarding Day featuring a Game of SKATE from 6-10pm on Saturday, Aug 13th at the Lakewood Skatepark to raise money for the bowl. Cash prizes, product raffles and demo by Kristian Svitak and Triad Skateboards! Contest is open to all skaters and all ages. Sponsored and unsponsored divisions on flatground and the 14" ledge. $15 to enter sponsored, $10 unsponsored. Find out more here!


Lakewood Skatepark Grand Opening

Lakewood Skatepark is now open! Mayor Tom George and Councilman Ryan Demro presided over the ribbon cutting and Public Square Group was on hand with a demo and some product raffles. Food and drinks provided by the Lakewood Skaters Association. About 200 people showed up to celebrate the park opening and try to get some runs in. Thanks to everyone who came out and to support the park. Thanks to Mayor George, Lakewood City Council and Lakewood City Engineers John Kilgore and Bill Corrigan for making this happen! Check out the photos here.


Lakewood Skatepark Grand Opening - May 13th 4:30pm

Join Mayor Thomas George and Lakewood City Council today at 4:30pm for Grand Opening and Skate Demo. Food, skate product raffles and refreshments provided by Lakewood Skaters Association. Rain or shine, join us at the park and support public skateparks!


Over $4,000 raised at first Know Skateboarding Day

Public Square Group held it's first "Know Skateboarding Day" as a benefit for the second phase of the Lakewood Skatepark. Over 400 people participated in this first event of it's kind which means it was the biggest Cleveland skateboard event ever! No pro skaters. No big financial backers. Just a good time for a good cause. The most enjoyable event we have seen yet. Check for pictures and photos at


Construction Update

Almost all the skate elements were completed before the snow hit. The stairs and pyramid are the only two major items to be completed. Once these and the rest of the landscaping and fencing are installed then we could be looking at a early spring Grand Opening. Check out the progress!


Don't Skate till it's ready...

The Skatepark is coming along great but some people have been trying to ride the park before the concrete cures. Until it cures all the way, the concrete will chip and crumble. Please tell everyone you know that skating it before it cures for at least a month will wreck it for everyone! Some stuff looks skateable but it wont be ready to ride till the end of January.



Construction Begins!

Anyone riding by Lakewood Park will see that the skatepark construction has finally begun! It will be a few weeks of tearing out the tennis courts, parking spaces and basketball courts before you see any work on the skatepark itself. Check back here for more updates!


Cleveland Skateboard Forum / Skate Clinic

The City of Cleveland is holding a discussion forum about a future Cleveland Skatepark. It is open to skaters, parents, and the public. The same day PSG will be holding a free skate clinic similar to the Skate Clinic we held last summer.

Saturday Oct 2nd.
10 am - 1 pm Skateboard Clinic at the Cleveland Skatepark
2 pm - 4 pm - Cleveland Skateboard Forum at the Cleveland Convention Center. Rm 211 - 500 Lakeside Ave

Bring your ideas and experiences!


Skatepark Bid Awarded!

The skatepark will finally construction in mid September! F. Buddy Construction was the lowest bidder. They are a very reputable contractor based here in Cleveland. However due to the cost of demolition, there will not be much money left for actual skatepark elements. Ripping out 4 tennis courts, a parking lot, a basketball court and huge slab of concrete that underlies all of it has eaten up a lot of the budgeted amount. And since F. Buddy has had no experience building transistions, we have made the bowl area a phase two as before. This means that everything - the stairs, ledges, banks, gaps, manuals and flat will be built in this phase. So look for bulldozers at Lakewood Park this month!


Council votes to keep the skatepark!

With over 150 supporters in attendance, Lakewood City Council unanimously voted to keep the park in Lakewood Park! They are backing the skatepark plan despite some of their expressed concerns.

So that means that the skatepark will go on as planned. We could see ground breaking as early as late August. For everyone that made calls to their council members, wrote emails and letters, or came to the council meetings, thanks on behalf of all the skaters of Lakewood! Due to your support, the city no longer sees skateboarders as just a group of wayward kids. Now that the rest of the city knows what you all have known, the skatepark will be an even bigger hit with the kids and something of which our whole community can be proud!

Thanks to City Council and Mayor George for not letting this thing die. Thanks to Councilman Demro for sticking with this issue for so long.


Lakewood Skatepark Update: Good News and Better News!

Will there ever be a skatepark? Yes. When? Soon. Why? Because we had to completely redesign the park to fit in the new location. A small group of influential people and business owners stopped the skatepark plans as they existed in December. No big deal. We just had to adjust the plan to fit. But it worked out in the end because the city has put in $300,000 towards the park and the new space actually gave us some room to build the new bowl area a lot cheaper. So that means the whole park will be built in one project - even the bowl! Vince, Andy, Mike, Stosh and others have been working on the new design for the past 4 months and it is finally ready to go out to bid!

North Coast Skatepark

Cleveland is opening a temporary skatepark down by the Rock Hall called the "North Coast Skatepark". The Public Square Group has organized a demo of local Ams for the dedication but everyone can skate! Cleveland is interested in building a real skatepark at some point and has invited skaters to show up, give their input, skate the park this summer and hopefully a new permenant one can come out of it.

Public Square Group

This Lakewood project has brought a lot of skaters together to help in ways that each person is capable. Lots of skaters and parents from around Northeast Ohio have expressed a need for an "LSA" in their own towns and neighborhoods. So to help get them involved, and to allow everyone to work together but at local levels, we created the Public Square Group to help with skateboard related events, parks, consulting - you name it. This will also help bring in others from outside Lakewood to help with our own events.

Skatepark Fundraising

"How much longer untill they make the skatepark?" We at the LSA are inundated by this question everyday. Parents and skaters are anxiously awaiting the skatepark and phase one of the construction has been planned for spring. But we are still short of the total estimated cost of the park and the city needs help raising the extra $100,000 needed to complete our design. To help defray the cost of construction, a Recognition Board is being constructed in the skatepark to honor the contributers that helped make this project happen. Click here to see how you can help.

Read More... 11/2/2003

Donor Decal Contest Winner

Bobby Koestler hit the streets to sell our static cling donor decals on the day we annouced the contest. Over the next few weeks, Bobby estimates that he probably spoke with nearly 100 potential donors. He sold 22 decals thereby raising $220 for the skatepark fund. For his prize, Bobby picked out a complete skateboard donated by Mike and Danielle Masters.



Habitat "MOSAIC" Premiere!

Saturday, August 9th - The Mosaic/Swiss Grid premiere was a blast! We had over 240 people show up and we raised over $2,500 for the park. Except for a VCR getting screwed up in between showings, everything went well. Thanks to the Agora for having us and helping out at the door and Greg the sound guy for putting up with our picky sound preferences. The LSA would like to thank Chris Carter, Tony Heitz, Chris Sullivan, and Joe Castrucci at DNA Distribution for hooking us up with the premiere. For anyone that missed it, you can pick up a copy in stores in the near future. The best all around video of the year!

Read More... 8/12/2003

Lakewood Arts Fest

Saturday, August 2nd - Our first Lakewood Arts Fest Booth was a huge success! We held a bake sale and raffle for Gravity Games Tickets, Gravity Games T-Shirts, and a skateboard deck donated by West Side Skates.


Read More... 8/3/2003

Busta's Ramp Jam

Friday, July 25th, 2003 - Dale Busta and the Busta Family threw a ramp jam benefit for the Lakewood Skatepark. Donations were collected from the riders and an impromptu contest was held on the ramp. But this was no ordinary backyard mini-ramp. In an effort to save the environment, Dale refused to cut down a tree to build his ramp. The result is quite interesting.

Read More... 7/26/2003

LSA Skateboard Clinic

Saturday, July 19th, 2003 - We held our first ever Skateboard Clinic at Harding Middle School parking lot. Despite baseballs raining down on our heads from the nearby game of "Home Run Derby", we had a great turnout with about 60 skaters and we raised over $500 towards the park. Thanks to all who showed up to help or learn and pay the STEEP $15 for 3 hours. Someday we'll hold a free one at our new skatepark. Special thanks to our sponsors: West Side Skates, Schneider's Bike Shop, Village Boards, Speed Freaks, and Ohio Surf & Skate.

Read More... 7/20/2003

LSA Softball Tournament

Saturday, June 28th, 2003 - As the first offcial LSA fundraiser event of the summer, the Softball Tournament was a grand slam! We had 7 teams play for what must be the most unique softball trophies ever. Many others stopped by to watch as skatepark supporters from around the area spent about 6 hours in typical double elimination tournament style competition.

Read More... 6/30/2003

Lakewood Public Skatepark Design!

This project has been 10 years coming and a few months ago there wasn't even a hint of a design. All we knew was that we had 12,000 sq ft of space next to the pool. 2 public meetings, 2 trips to council, 2 Wake N Skates (1, 2), one Skatepark Design Committee and about 30 variations later we have settled on this design for the Lakewood Skatepark. If you want to ride this design, pitch-in and help us raise the money!

Read More... 6/25/2003

LSA to help at Helmet Saturday

As part of the Department of Human Services' Helmet Saturday event, the LSA will be holding a small workshop with young skaters (10 and under) to show some basic safety tips. Come down to City Hall at 11am on Saturday, 31st and learn how to:

  • Put on helmet/pads/wrist guards
  • Stand on the board properly
  • Pushing and stepping off

LSA develops fundraising campaign for the summer!

As a result of our fundraising meeting on Saturday, May 10th, we are proud to annouce some super fun events that will be geared toward getting skaters together and raising money for the new park.

We'll post more information for each one as we get it.


Rock N Raffle Benefits - all throughout May!

The Symposium is holding Friday night Rock shows all through May to benefit the Lakewood Skatepark Fund. Admission is free for 21 and older and the LSA will be on hand to raffle of prizes like decks, backpacks, artwork, gear, and instruments from:

Village Board Shop
88 Footwear
West Side Skates RokEnRöl Skateboards
Habitat Skateboards Black Label Skateboards
Osiris Shoes Derek Hess Gallery
Promark Drumsticks D'Addario
Evans Drumheads Planet Waves Cables

All shows start at 10pm every Friday in May. For a list of bands, check the Events Schedule page.
Hope to see you there!




2nd Public Meeting brings us one step closer to the final design.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2003 was the second public meeting held by the Mayor's Office for input on the Lakewood Skatepark Project. Architects from Brandstetter, Carrol, Zofcin brought designs based on our initial input from the 1st public meeting held back in January. This meeting presented the skaters of Lakewood with 3 different scenarios utilizing the obstacles that we submitted as well as the site and landscape specs for integration into the existing space.


Read More... 4/2/2003

2nd Wake N Skate Footage

The 2nd Wake-N-Skate was a success. We had more people, more pizza and pop, and more items to raffle off! Now that the weather is clearing up, this will probably be the last one we hold indoors for a while. Check the Event Schedule for new events and sessions.

Read More... 3/12/2003

City Council Appoints LSA Members to Skate Park Committee

Monday evening at the Committee of the Whole meeting, city council voted to create a skate park committee based on the resolution proposed by Councilman Tom George. The committee consists of 3 members of city council and 3 appointed members from outside council. Councilman George proposed that LSA members Vince Frantz, Mike Larkey, and Jason Kucharski be appointed to the 3 outside positions. The Skate Park committee will serve to help bring in external sources to the design process and help with guidance on the various issues that will help make the Lakewood Skate Park a success. Mayor's Assistant Keith Benjamin and Director Bill Boag were both on hand and both expressed their appreciation and approval for how it has been working with the LSA and it's members so far. The council voted unanimously to create the committee and to appoint the 3 outside slots to Vince, Mike, and Jason.


Black Label Premieres "Black Out"

Black Label premiered their latest skate video "Black Out" at a few showing's here in Lakewood and at Rollerworld in Parma. The LSA was on hand to raffle off some complete skateboards donated by Black Label. Label Pro Kristian Svitak flew out from Oceanside, CA to skate with his old home town friends and fans. He also brought lots of free goodies to give out at each one. The raffles raised over $350 towards the LSA! Thanks to everyone that turned out to watch the video, skate, and support the LSA!

Read more... 2/3/2003

First Public Meeting Kicks Off the Planning Phase!

Mayor Cain and Public Works Director Bill Boag kicked off the skatepark planning phase Saturday, January 18th with the first of what will most likely be several planning meetings for the Lakewood Skatepark. Held at the Women's Club Pavilion, lots of skaters, parents, and community members showed up to hear what the city has planned and to give input towards the direction we need to take in making the skatepark a success. Over 95% of the attendees were already LSA members!

Bernie Zofcin of Brandstetter, Carroll, & Zofcin, Inc. is the lead architect and started the design meeting by getting input from the skaters on what materials, obstacles, and skill levels need to be included. The LSA brought the ideas and notes that we had been compiling from the last several months and presented them to Mr. Zofcin as a start. We then began to prioritize the types of obstacles based on what the skaters wanted and ended with a discussion on operating procedures and rules & regulations. City engineers Bernie Madison and Tom Kilgore raised structural and construction issues and all agreed that an experienced skatepark contractor will need to handle the concrete work. We have been actively researching the skatepark design issues and collecting input from the skaters of Lakewood. We provided the architect and the city with a short report of our findings to date. This packet can be found in our Downloads page.

Watch this site for future updates or sign up as a member and you will be notified of any new meetings or events!


Wake-N-Skate Session

The LSA held its first Wake-N-Skate Session on Saturday, January 11th, 2003. We rented out Rollerworld Skatepark for our own private session for the skaters of Lakewood. We held two raffles in which we gave away a ton of gear and hard goods like decks, trucks, bearings, hardware, etc. - all donated by AWS, Habitat, Seek, Black Label, Tracker, Sixteen, and Matix. Pizza was donated by Roman Fountain Pizza and the LSA picked up the drink tab. Over 60 people showed up with about 51 skaters. This was just the right amount for a good session at Rollerworld. Click the "Read More..." link below to see the photos and video clips.

Next time you order pizza from Roman Fountain, be sure and thank them for hooking us up with lunch!

Read More... 1/12/2003

LSA Goes to City Council and scores a hit!

Our goal with city council was to let them know who we are and that we are concerned with the current process that has unfolded for the skatepark. About 30 LSA members and supporters were in attendance. However, the West End Development was a hot topic of the night and so we were forced to wait for a few hours while city council heard comments regarding that issue. But it was well worth the wait! Board Member Kim Bezak took the floor to present our comments and city council was very receptive. Councilman Thomas George proposed that a committee regarding the skatepark design/construction process be formed and to include a representative from our group to work with the members of the city government for input and consultation. Director of Public Works, Bill Boag met with us afterwards to let us know how we can work with him. He noted that our input is very valuable in this process and that he has learned a lot so far in speaking with us. We all agreed that the administration has no experience with skating and that they really need our support and input. Now that they are aware of us, they are more than happy to include us in the process!

Thanks to Ben, Tina, Ted, Alex Bezak, Mike, Brandon, Mason Fenton, Dave Peachick, Brian Jules, Michelle Billow, Cathy Frantz, Becky, Ryan, Mike Larkey & Hannah, Chris, Jason Kucharski and Family, and everyone else that I forgot (or didn't know their names). Showing up and sticking it out made a great impression on all involved and it lets city council know that we are serious about getting this done right!


Mayor Cain Hires Architect For Skatepark...

Lakewood City Council has given Mayor Cain the power to get started on a skatepark for Lakewood as part of the Lakewood Park Master Plan. While this seems like good news as far has getting our skatepark going, it is a huge blow to our efforts as it shows that so far the mayor isn't interested in working with us for input. The mayor is quoted in the Lakewood Sun as saying "We hope to get as many potential users of the park involved to ensure it is something they will use. - It's their park." Yet the mayor has made no effort to contact us even after being invited to our events and meetings. If skater input is valuable, then it would seem logical to consult with the skaters of Lakewood in meeting their needs for a skatepark. Here is an article detailing one such example.

Overall, this is good news for a skatepark in Lakewood as it is at least getting some attention and some action. It is good to see that steps have been taken to move ahead. A community workshop has been scheduled for 10 am to noon Saturday, January 18, 2003 at the Women's Club Pavilion at Lakewood Park. This is to gain some input from the skaters to "create and revise a wish list for the architect to follow". So now is the time to be determining what we need in a skatepark. Please use our Contact form to email your ideas and designs. We will be holding a public skatepark design meeting at our Wake-N-Skate Session at Rollerworld in early January. (check the Events page for dates and times)


First LSA Meeting Held at Lakewood Library
Saturday, November 23rd we held our first public meeting since forming. We had a lot of skaters and parents attend and collected some valuable input from them. We also held a small raffle for all the attendees and gave away some skate gear and stickers. Watch this site for future public meeting dates and if you would like to attend the next one, just sign up as a member using our membership form. We need all the help and input we can get!

Adkins Printing Donates Printing
Chuck Adkins, owner of Adkins printing has agreed to help us get the word out by donating the paper and printing for our first tri-fold brochure. They turned out great and are the first what will be many printed materials that the LKWD Skaters Association will be developing to help raise money for our cause. A downloadable flyer is available in the Downloads section.

Lakewood Community Fest Raffle
In our first fundraising event, the LKWD Skaters Association raised over $400.00 from our booth raffle at the Lakewood Community Fest on September 7th, 2002. Tickets cost only $1.00 and prizes included decks, trucks, wheels, t-shirts, stickers, bearings, and a backpack. Winners for decks were drawn every hour starting at one and a grand prize drawing was held at 4:45. Prizes where donated by Alien Workshop, Habitat, Tracker, Orion, DVS, Matix, and Seek. Upon setting up, we realized one booth wasn't enough to contain all our material and prizes so we spread out in to the two neighboring booths. This proved handy as one booth could shield our skatepark presentation boards form the wind while the other could serve as our soft-truck trick contest booth.
Read More... 10/20/2002


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